Hat Jam 2 | Surprise Hobo Rangers

Hat Jam 2 Theme: Surprise Hobo Rangers
Team Members: TA Quinlaw Henshaw, GD34 Spencer Goring, GD34 Joseph Earl (Keegan) Myra

So the theme was pretty awesome -- Surprise Hobo Rangers. We thought that the game basically made it itself, and we didn’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about how the game would work because the theme was so great.

Throughout the game-making experience, it was a huge help to have Quinn on the team, because of his vast knowledge of programming, as well as his amount of Unity plugins, which made this game so easy to make. Quinn was the main programmer, focusing on the AI and menus, while Spencer was the secondary programmer, and focused mainly on the mechanics of attacking and picking up items. Keegan did all the art in the game – character sprites, weapons, and backgrounds.

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