Hat Jam 2 | Prehistoric Cat-Raté

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Hat Jam 2 Theme: Stealth Karate Throwdown
Team Members: GD34 Rafael (Rafe) Alfonso Martinez, GD34 Semin Sim, GD34 Scott Thompson

Rafe: “It was a nice experience to share with everyone in the team, and also it also proved that you can create awesome games when you put dedication into them.”

Semin: “It was a great experience to try to make a game just in 48 hours, and we made it. We made characters, story, two levels, multiple endings, almost everything required for a game. It was awesome, and I will attend the next Hat Jam.”

Scott: “Cat-Raté was an emotional journey based on the true story of an actual cat named Steven. His story inspired us to design a game that really expressed who I am as a person. As a team ,we emphasized on making the atmosphere as real as possible, and the animations life-like. We wanted the audience to understand what it was actually like to be a cat in a dinosaur infested jungle. To conclude, it was awesome working with these guys.”

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