Hat Jam 2 | Elderly Lawnmower Kids

Hat Jam 2 Theme: Elderly Lawnmower Kids
Team Members: TA Calder Archinuk, TA Jon Tittley

This game almost wrote itself with its title.  We took the lawnmowing aspect of it and decided to use that as the core gameplay.

The goal of the game is to achieve a score, either positive or negative.  Positive scores are achieved by properly mowing the lawn of the retirement home and collecting the stacks of cash that old people drop.  Alternatively, by doing your job terribly, such as running over the old people and their flowers, one can achieve a negative score and win the game.

We as designers had a lot of fun creating the gameplay and features of this game.  We still laugh about our design decisions, and will (not) likely carry some of those decisions to future projects.

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